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Monogram Club Membership

Upon earning their first letter, all student-athletes, managers, trainers, Spirit Team members (including Cheerleaders, High Techs, and HokieBirds) and video staff members automatically become Monogram Club members.

For those interested members, former student-athletes can become dues paying members, which will provide benefits in addition to those available to non-dues paying Monogram Club members. The total cost of dues is $75 annually, $50 will be deposited as a Monogram Club dues payment to assist with program fees and event support; the other $25 can be designated by the payer to go toward the sport or area (i.e. Spirit, training room, HokieVision) of their choice. This split will be taken care of by Virginia Tech; two separate payments are not needed.

Information regarding the benefits associated with each membership level can be found below:
Monogram Club (non-dues paying membership; complimentary upon first letter)
  • Invitations to exclusive former & current student-athlete events
  • Hokie Club Priority Points (one time addition of points)
  • Candidate must have graduated/or not, in good standing/with good graces of university officials;

Dues Paying Monogram Club Member ($75 per year)
  • Invitation and complimentary admission to select, exclusive former & current student-athlete events
  • Inside HokieSports Magazine
  • Hokie Club Priority Points (one time addition of points)
  • Access to Virtual Directory by Sport
  • Opportunity to purchase football and basketball single game tickets
  • Opportunity to participate in the Pre-Game Tunnel at a select Virginia Tech home football game
  • Exclusive Monogram Club memento

Interested in becoming a dues-paying Monogram Club member? Click here to find out how!

Please Click here (coming soon) for a current Monogram Club membership list. Please note, current dues are due June 30th.

Interested in purchasing exclusive Monogram Club merchandise? Please Click here
Please note that this merchandise is intended for purchase and use by Monogram Club members, current and former student-athletes and support area students (spirit team members, trainers, managers, and student video staff). The Monogram Club staff verifies each transaction to ensure that merchandise is only being purchased by or for one of the aforementioned groups. If you are a friend or family member wishing to buy merchandise as a gift for one of the aforementioned groups, please include their name, sport/support area, and approximate year's played/participated in the comments section.