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Letter Jacket Ceremony

Beginning in 2015, the Virginia Tech Athletics Department awarded letter jackets to first-time Monogram winners from the winter and fall sports at the department’s bi-annual letter jacket ceremony in the President’s Suite at Lane Stadium.

"We are very proud of our letter winners,” said Director of Athletics Whit Babcock. "When you earn a letter from Virginia Tech, it not only represents your strength on the playing field, but also represents the student-athlete’s commitment to our Core Values of Integrity, Service, Honor, Excellence and Strong Together. It is our privilege and honor to provide them with their jackets in our newly established annual tradition.”

Former student-athletes, coaches and administration joined more than 80 student-athletes, cheerleaders, HighTechs and managers in the recognition of earning their first Monogram.

The event was sponsored by the Virginia Tech Department of Athletics in conjunction with the Virginia Tech Monogram Club, which is an organization that seeks to honor, connect and recognize former student-athletes and their commitment to Virginia Tech Athletics.

This is an annual tradition where the fall award winners are honored in the spring and the spring award winners are honored in the fall.