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Virginia Tech Athletics Career Network

Hokies hire Hokies is an opportunity for Hokie Alumni to stay connected to the current Student Athletes and Monogram Club members. The Hokies Hire Hokies mission is to create job opportunities for members of the Hokie family in a wide range of professions.

Mentoring Opportunities

Mentoring opportunities, allow for Hokie Alumni professionals to connect with current student athletes, to raise awareness of life skills, business etiquette, and professional development. This opportunity is not limited to the town of Blacksburg.

We're updating our site. Please check back for information to express your interest in this exciting initiative.

Share Your Monogram Memories With Us!

In our constant effort to connect with Virginia Tech former student-athletes and honor their achievements, we'd like you to share why you're proud to be a Monogram winner and a member of the Monogram Club!

  • How earning a Monogram impacted your life.
  • Your fondest memories from your days at Virginia Tech
  • Stories of how you stay connected to your former teammates and fellow Monogram Club members
  • How have teammates, coaches, and others from Virginia Tech had a meaningful impact on your life both now and during your playing days?